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Three dogs in training sitting nicely while staying in place for their picture

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Mind of a K9

Dog Training and Behavior Modification

Here at Mind of a K9, we teach you how to get into the mind of your dog and learn how to better communicate as a team. From puppies to older dogs, we will help you transform your dog into a well-mannered family companion.

What Our Clients Say...

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My miniature schnauzer, Joshua, will be 18 months old in December and has been wonderful company for my mother and I during the pandemic. However, it didn’t start out that way. I got him at 8 weeks in August and things quickly went downhill. He was teething and chewed on everything, including me. Luckily, right before I gave up on him at 12 weeks, I met Kalli and Lauren. They came for a private lesson, and then we signed up for the puppy training classes. My arthritis got worse so we decided the best option would be a board and train for 10 days. He was greatly improved...potty trained, crate trained and knew all the commands, but still needed more work. Back he went to training again. Lauren developed a special bond with him and discovered that the e-collar was what he responded to the best. We’ve been using it ever since and his behavior continues to improve. I can honestly say that the reason Joshua is a beloved member of my home is due to the great training from Kalli and Lauren. We are now a truly happy family!

-Kathy Jones, October 2020

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