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The owner and head trainer of the company poses with her dog who is wearing a prong collar and ecollar while training

Kalli Ramon


Kalli has been working with dogs since 1984. Her experience ranges from heading up local dog training programs, managing a doggie daycare, fostering, assisting veterinarians, raising a guide dog puppy, raising and showing Miniature Australian Shepherds, to training dogs of all kinds. Kalli received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and completed her thesis on Dog Psychology. She believes when owners understand how dogs truly think, they will learn to communicate with them in a way that makes sense to both dog and human. Once that is accomplished, the relationship between human and canine is limitless. Kalli lives with her long time boyfriend and fellow dog trainer, Jeff, their Doberman, Blitzen, and their Papillon, Triscuit. 

Dog trainer sitting outside with her labradoodles and shepherd, one of whom is a service dog and a therapy dog

Lauren Murtha


Lauren has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs.  When she began training her service dog, Remi, in 2018, she realized she had an innate passion for the world of dog training. She knows the value of comfort that dogs can bring and has a particular interest in training therapy dogs and service dogs. With four dogs of her own and three years of training professionally, Lauren wants to help owners realize the potential in their dogs and give them the tools they need to succeed in training. She feels there's nothing better than helping to restore balance to the home after the introduction of a new furry family member––transforming the dog from a point of contention to something over which the family bonds. 

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