Three pomsky dogs in training stay in place while their trainer takes their picture. All three are wearing prong collars


Customize your package to fit your needs! Pick one of the three combinations of private lessons and day training listed below, all valued at the same price:

-1 private lessons, 3 day training

-2 private lessons, 2 day training

-3 private lessons, 1 day training


This is a great option for puppies and older dogs with behavioral issues. 

Two dogs in training are practicing down outside on a walk through a neighborhood in Mechanicsville, VA. Both dogs are wearing prong collars


This package includes 4 private lessons (can be done in-home or at a public place). We will help you learn to work with your dog on their basic commands and any behavioral issues that need to be addressed. This is great for dogs that are new to training or for owners whose dogs have already been trained who need to learn how to maintain the training.  

A labradoodle poses for the camera in her Dogs on Call therapy dog vest. The well-trained dog visits hospitals and nursing homes to bring comfort to patients


This package is designed to help your dog get on the path to therapy work. The package includes:

-1 private lesson

-4 private day training

-Canine Good Citizenship test

-Informational materials on therapy work and local organizations 

A trained Doberman poses for the camera so that his ecollar is visible. He is trained to walk off-leash outside


E-Collar training is designed to help you better communicate with your dog to further their training. This style of training is great for dogs who want to be off leash or for those with behavioral issues, such as aggression. The package includes:

-2 private lessons (one in-home and one at a location of the owner's choice)

-Mini Educator ET-300 remote collar

-Quicksnap Bungee collar